Femme-Con is a feature length documentary exhibiting female cosplayers, their passion, and dedication for the industry.


Set against the backdrop of various conventions across America, Femme~Con is a feature length documentary exploring the phenomenon of cosplay from the female perspective and its rise into pop culture while following up-and-coming female cosplayers and interviewing more established ones. By combining the vibrant atmosphere of these conventions and the appeal that females have brought along with it, Femme~Con will introduce a multi-billion dollar industry to some while providing others with a memorable experience that they not only can purchase and view on various media formats, but also be mesmerized by due to learning about the struggle females endure throughout their journey to be a successful cosplayer and the passion that drives them to do so.

Autumn IvyAutumn Ivy


Cosplay, short for “costume play” is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. While the early stages of cosplay seemed to be based more on the characters found in anime or manga, that is no longer the case. Now, comic books, video games, films and more are now mainstream and accepted sources for basing ones costume. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject.

KO Cosplay (photo by: TheBigTog Photography)KO Cosplay (photo by: TheBigTog Photography)

 As Michelle Morrow from HelloGiggles has pointed out, after every convention where cosplayers assemble, the ever-so- popular “top” lists about women and cosplay get plastered everywhere. Article titles like “Sexiest Cosplay” or “Worst / Ugliest Cosplay” command the Internet to leave a wide variety of opinions. Any one photo of a cosplay you see is mostly being judged in that one moment. What these photos and lists don’t exhibit is all the preparation and energy it took to create a memorable or astounding costume.


While there are other documentaries, shows, and various media outlets discussing cosplay, we’re different.

We believe that women are a strong, driving force behind the success of conventions where cosplay is a prominent facet. However, sadly, these women are not garnishing the recognition or the respect that they deserve.

Sailor Scouts (photo by: Hyn May Productions)Sailor Scouts (photo by: Hyn May Productions)

Recently, “Cosplay is NOT consent” has become a phrase that people are hearing more and more at conventions and across social media. Famed cosplayer, Megan Marie, gained a lot of the world’s attention when she wrote an article titled, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” where she discussed how men often disrespect women. After a member of the press stated, “the girls were dressing sexy, so they were asking for it”, people throughout the community united to bring awareness to the fact that people, men or women, cosplay for the love of it and not for the sexual entertainment of others.

Femme~Con discusses a lot more than just the sexual side of the matter, though. We cover the stereotypes that the community obtains and endures. We talk about how no matter someone’s age, race, body shape, that they are fans of cosplay and conventions for a reason. What that reason is different for everyone, but no matter, most people are not aware of the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that these people endure to be a part of the community and the love they have for the industry.


We’re wanting to showcase cosplayers of all levels of experience and backgrounds. No matter someone’s age, race, or body shape, we want people to know that people cosplay for different reasons. Whether someone is a beginner and constructs a costume out of construction paper or if the person is skilled enough to construct it using more complex materials, we’re wanting to work with them.

Whether you’re a cosplayer, an artist, a costume maker, or play any role in the cosplay community, we want to talk to and possibly work with YOU!